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Fire Retardant Clothing

A fire retardant is a substance that helps delay or prevent combustion. Fire retardants are commonly used in fire fighting. Water is the most commonly used fire retardant, but the phrase typically refers to chemical retardants, including fire-fighting foams and fire-retardant gels. It can also refer to a coating over an object, such as a spray retardant to prevent Christmas trees from burning.

Flame resistant clothing has been around for decades and periodically new markets emerge which make incremental growth in this higher margin market. In the past decade a new market has emerged which has opened up the largest segment for this market.

Previously, fire service, military and petrochemical have been the largest markets for flame resistant clothing and textiles for petrochemical workers having its largest growth in the 1980's. A new market takes flame resistant clothing (FR) to a whole new segment: electricians and electric utilities.

How fire retardants work:
In general, fire retardants reduce the flammability of materials by either blocking the fire physically or by initiating a chemical reaction that stops the fire.

Bulwark offers the market's broadest line of Fire Retardant Clothing including Coveralls, Overalls, Shirts, Pants, Jackets, and Accessories . Every Bulwark garment meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the standards and specifications listed on that garment's label. All Bulwark garments is Fire Retardant for the life of the garment.

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The bottome line is, when you are in need of Fire Retardant Clothing, flame retardant clothing, high visibility flame retardant clothing, or any other item in the Fire Retardant Clothing line at the lowest possible prices, look no further than Safety Wear Plus.

Safety Wear Plus carries Fire Retardant Clothing, high visibility flame retardant clothing, flame retardant clothing, flame retardant vests, flame retardant jackets, and much, much more.

At Safety Wear Plus, we carry a full line of Fire Retardant Clothing, if the item you are looking for is not listed, please contact us at 989-621-0266.

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